blind in love but not in relationship


Haven’t it occurred to you? that you saw someone and started to like at the first time you saw, or maybe it never happened.

You just met , met again, again and again and you find you are in overwhelmed with the feeling of love, you want to live in those moments as if you want time should freeze. Even without knowing much you have accepted your intimate partner and in your mind you think you have found have found that person with you want to spend your entire life.

Often this may not be the case with everyone, some people often know the good and bad of the person they are in love with. Experiences may differ. Some people continue to be in love even if they know how bad/dark/ or ugly by nature their partner have been or is no matter what. Well, that’s love. In my opinion to be in situation like that is better than being in love blindly. I feel it that way as the individual has not accepted to be fool of himself and at least he/she would have a good idea of what might come in future, good or bad.


But my second opinion to be fair with all sorts, I think it is still ok to be blindly fall in love, to fall in love depends on individual person strength how much he can control his feelings. The first thing to accept is nobody is perfect and we should respect the differences.

Speaking of strength, in most cases I would guess its infatuated mind that engulfs thinking. People who get mature over time, they give a second thought when they decide whether to move on or not. This is their strength. Ultimately if it’s love it’s followed by a relationship if it’s not it’s followed by an affair. And the later one can turn ugly.

However, being blindly in love also reflect individual’s tolerance to what might come of what was never deliberately shown or kept hidden by seeker(who attempted the first approach)

But I also think it doesn’t have to stay it in this way always or forever, once in relationship married or not, you should not continue to love blindly because future relies on mutual understanding and caring for each other and neither of the each one should lie or be disloyal.

If one of them from partner is lying, making fool of his partner or is disloyal then that relationship has lost its value.

So if the value of relationship is lost relationship is either gone or if the partner chooses to live by compromising accepting bitter truth of his/her partner then relationship becomes a burden or much like a jail.

 But there is a very strong contradiction to this fact that:

“it’s love when all that you want is that person to be happy even if you are not part of their happiness”

true but believe this is when you fall in love because it will decide whether or not you enter to a relationship.

I am looking forward to what you opinion is, and open for suggestions. My post is inspired by ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠observation and experience in life , what you can say wisdom that comes with age.


One thought on “blind in love but not in relationship

  1. Nidhi

    Beautifully explained!!.. In addition I feel love isn’t blind or unconditional anymore when you choose to stay in a dishonest or dysfunctional relationship. People often do this because of insecurities/situations/excuses. I don’t believe in anything such as true love higher then self love.. One should Learn to love oneself first rest comes later.


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