started using vim for coding


 Starting to use vi for coding, tiny shell based ansi powerful text editor, this post is more of a bookmark of what I learn about using it.

Few of tips for beginners like me:
To start coding in vim
press <i> key and you are in insert mode to start writing

To exit text insert mode press Esc key and press colon key for :
to save
: w 
to enable line number
:set number
if line number don’t show up for already open text or any file. type
you will enter ex mode then type
you will return in visual mode and you will see line number of previously typed set number command, to hide line number type
:set nonumber

to be able to have python syntax highlighting you must have the following content in your ~/.vimrc file.

filetype plugin indent on
set term=builtin_ansi
syntax on

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