updated Autodesk Maya Mels Script to set project automatically as soon as scene file is opened

Time back in year 2008 when I was studying at Vanarts in Vancouver, I discovered how important it is to set the project before you start to model or texture or render. Because if you don’t set the project the chances are you might end up saving your scene file in some other project folder or end up save texture files to some other project’s texture folder and like wise you might end up rendering your 3D renders from Maya to some other project folder.So I wrote a tiny MEL script that sets the project by itself as soon as scene file is opened.

Since I had uploaded it then highend3d now called Creative Crash people had been using it, time passed by and today when Autodesk came up with Maya 2013 they made few changes and then I had to update the MEL script to so after a long time yesterday I fixed old MEL script to work with latest Autodesk Maya 2013 and it also has backward compatibility.So check out release version, beside just in English I have implemented in French and Spanish language.


When you download the zip file , extractautoSetProj.mel and

Both goes to scripts folder of your maya i.e. E:\Users\<username>\Documents\maya\2013\scripts


If you already have usersetup.mel in scripts folder, Do not overwrite. If you overwrite you can loose some other scripts functionality. So in such a case open the userSetup.mel you have downloaded and copy the contents and paste at the bottom of your existing userSetup.mel of your scripts folder.
Save. it.

You might need to restart maya if Its already running in order to reload the userSetup.mel module.

Once you have it installed you will see a headsup message when you launch maya , ignore it since it is that script check before set project if scene is saved or is untitled.

Leave your Comments and suggestions or if you find any bug.I would love to hear from you.


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