Eyeon Fusion 6.x small Studio setup for Windows

I came up with this tiny tool that lets your resource accessible from within your Fusion and by adding few bookmarks to your directory you can access the content quickly.
Downloadsetup.py Beta Version: 0.0.01
[save it in root directory where Fusion is installed
i.e. “E:\Program Files\eyeon\Fusion 6.1\”]The task of this script is to keep you organized and provide quick access to assets an artist need.

In this article, I will go over how you can install this python based tool for Eyeon Fusion in your studio on multiple computers.

next type import setup


Figure 2. Type setup.install()



Figure: 3a, Browse for the path
If you selected 2nd option and choose to configure old file and folders. The Window Figure 4a will appear. specify the paths relevant to them and press ok. The scripts folder will be added to system path so that if you want to run scripts you can directly run from their through the console.



Figure: 4a
after you choose [ new setup ] click ok in Figure 3a. you will get the description of the task performed. by the script.


I have provided pictorial description of howto install and run so that even an non technical person can implement it. I have used enough of Exception handling techniques in the code but if you get kicked out at the installation time with some error in the red please let me know, I would love to listen if you like it or not, please comment and provide suggestion. I can tip you for next update.(its multi- lingual support, other updates I would keep surprise)

Its still in the development phase and I would need your input that you would expect it should have and whats it is missing.


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