My name is Sanjeev (also known by name San), living in heavily populated city Bangalore, it has nice weather but roads of traffic jams and where there is no place to step a foot to stand.
By nature I am an extrovert, fervent,  nyctophiliac and skeptical thinking atheist. I follow ideology of Carl Sagan. I do not keep obsession with nationalism and finds it more important to find love among people and not the places we live. I like to read and sometimes play video games and watch movies. At present, I am working as Pipeline Software Developer at Moving Picture Company (MPC),

I listen to VNV Nation, Sigur Ross, Mogwai, Alanis Morissette, Ellie Goulding, Pitbull, Rihana, M83, Radiohead, Imagine Dragons, Gurdas Mann, Harbhajan Mann, Manjit Papu, Whitney, Mathew Koma, Hans Zimmer, Coldplay, Postal Service, Xela, MJ, K.K., Day One, choice do vary with time and what mood I am in.